5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Student Apartments

Before the first real signs of warmer weather even emerge, one task should be at the top of your to-do list: spring cleaning your apartment. Not only is spring cleaning a great time to make your apartment feel fresh, but you can also use the opportunity to switch your closet to warmer weather clothing and get organized for your upcoming finals.

Here are some tasks to complete.

1. Sort Through Papers

Without a filing system, the amount of papers you acquire from all your classes quickly becomes an overwhelming mess. Use your spring cleaning as a chance to put your papers in order, discarding those you no longer need. You’ll find this invaluable whenever you come to write an assignment or need some documentation at short notice.

2. Declutter Surfaces

The biggest mess in student apartments tends to be on surfaces, such as your desk, nightstand, shelves, and coffee table. Clear these surfaces completely and think about where you want to keep possessions to prevent clutter. You may find you have things you no longer want that you can throw out, give away, or donate.

3. Clear the Floors

Another place clutter may have accumulated is the floors. The problem is this kind of clutter makes it impossible to clean properly. After you’ve put these items where they belong and thrown out any junk, you’re likely to find dirt and debris in the corners and behind furniture. Use a vacuum or broom to do a thorough cleaning. Removing dust and pollen from your apartment will be a big help during allergy season.

4. Wash All Your Laundry

If you’re in the habit of only doing a load of laundry when it becomes absolutely necessary, you may have linens, towels, and clothing you rarely wear sitting at the bottom of your hamper, lining your closet, or lurking in other places around your apartment. Now is the perfect time to wash it all. As soon as you notice that a machine in the laundry room is free, take everything you have to get clean.
Once you’ve done your laundry, you can store any clothing and thick blankets you won’t need again until next winter. Put these items in storage containers that fit under your bed or in your closet.

5. Clean the Bathroom

One of the most important places to clean in your apartment is the bathroom, since mold and bacteria can start to grow wherever there’s lingering dampness. As part of your spring cleaning, throw out any toiletries you never use, check the contents of your cabinets, and wipe down shelves. If you share the bathroom with a roommate, it’s worth setting up a regular cleaning schedule to take turns to do things like scrub surfaces and mop floors.

If you’re struggling to find enough space to store all your belongings during your spring cleaning, consider moving into an alternative to student residence. Waterloo students receive a large suite equipped with modern amenities in a building just a short walk from campus when they live at Preston House or Bridgeport House. Book a tour to see the property of your choice.