5 Unique Skills to Put on Your Resume

Gaining a degree will open doors for a variety of jobs. However, employers will want to see you have more to offer than just a credential: they need to know you are capable of everything the position entails. Although you may have limited experience after you graduate, you do have qualities that make you a top candidate. Consider which of the following unique skills you can bring to the company — and make sure you highlight them on your resume.

1. Tech Skills

Employers today need workers who understand technology — and they often find these workers in younger candidates. Knowing how to use standard software is useful for a huge number of positions, whereas specialist skills like coding are especially beneficial for digital jobs.

2. Social Media

Most students spend a large amount of time on social media as a way to connect with friends, share updates about their life, and stay current with the news and trends. All these uses of social media are actually teaching you valuable skills. For example, you may know what makes an engaging post, have top-quality content creation skills, or be aware of how to brand yourself online. Businesses often need employees who can help them with their social media presence. If you have a good understanding of many of the major platforms, this may be something you can offer.

3. Volunteering

There are numerous ways to volunteer while you’re at university, including by belonging to a campus organization or participating in community projects. You’ll have gained many skills from the experience — especially if you hold an elected position — including leadership and organizational skills. Make sure to emphasize what you’ve learned on your resume when applying to a job that requires managing a team, meeting deadlines, or taking initiative.

4. Improv

If you had the chance to practice improv (such as through a group on campus or by taking a theater or performance elective), mention it on your resume. The skills you gain by doing improv are useful in numerous situations; for instance, you learn to react appropriately in unfamiliar scenarios, work with different personalities, and navigate challenging conversations.

5. Foreign Languages

Whether you took language classes at university or studied a semester abroad, include it on your resume — even when the job doesn’t require you to speak other languages. Globalization has made knowledge of other languages more important than ever, meaning even basic language skills can be an asset. Furthermore, if you improved your language skills by spending time in another country, you’ll have developed important skills like adaptability and have gained an understanding of other cultures.

Boosting your GPA and participating in plenty of extracurriculars will also help your resume stand out when you come to apply for jobs. This means you need to study hard and live near campus. Whereas living in a dorm may seem like the obvious choice, it’s difficult to study without distractions when you live in student residence. Waterloo students can move to Preston House or Bridgeport House. You’ll have a private bedroom with an en suite bathroom in a student community within walking distance of campus. Book a tour of the property of your choice.