8 Reasons to Travel as a Student

young couple with a map

One of the best times to travel is while you’re a student. Not only do you have several long breaks during the year, but it’s also easy to travel with friends and have some great experiences. Here are several key reasons why it’s worthwhile to travel as a student.

1. Expand Your Horizons

There’s only so much you can learn about the world from reading and watching videos. Sometimes, the only way to fully understand is to experience. By traveling, you’ll gain a glimpse of how other people live and experience some of the culture for yourself.

2. Meet People from Around the World

When you choose travel opportunities that allow you to interact with other people, you expand your network. Some of the people you meet will be from the countries you’re visiting, whereas others may be travelers like you. These people may become your friends or useful contacts for your career.

3. Improve Your Confidence

Traveling puts you in situations unlike anything you’d encounter at home. Realizing you’re able to overcome these challenges will increase your confidence in yourself overall. Plus, potential employees will be impressed with your grit — as well as talking about your travels in interviews, you can include experiences like volunteering abroad on your resume.

4. Perform Better Academically

Students who travel tend to gain better grades at university. This is especially true if the things you see and do on your trips are related to your major.

5. Learn About Yourself

It may be a cliché to say that traveling allows you to discover yourself — but it’s true. Many students find that traveling helps them identify their purpose, reveals their values, and allows them to truly be themselves.

6. Challenge Your Ideas

You’ve likely formed many of your beliefs without giving them too much thought. Traveling will expose you to new perspectives and viewpoints, perhaps even changing the ideas you have about the world. This is key to personal growth.

7. Learn to Be Independent

Attending university gives you some independence, but you still have a support system around you. When you’re traveling, you’re on your own. Even simple tasks may be different — and they may be especially challenging if there’s a language barrier. Navigating these difficulties will show you what you’re capable of.

8. Appreciate What You Have

It’s easy to take your life for granted. Traveling to less-developed countries, in particular, will help you gain a greater appreciation of what you have. No matter where you go, though, you should find you come to appreciate both big and small things more, such as your friends, your family, aspects of your culture, your favourite foods, and the ease of carrying out tasks in your everyday life.

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