9 Habits for Success as a Student

Students who are successful at university tend to have a few habits in common. By adopting these habits yourself, you’ll increase the chance you gain good grades and you’ll make the most of your time at university.

1. Set Goals

You’ll feel more incentivized to stick to your studies if you have some specific goals in mind. The most successful students are always working toward a combination of short-term and long-term goals.

2. Study Effectively

Successful students avoid passively absorbing information in class. Instead, they use a variety of note-taking techniques. Plus, they use effective study tactics outside of class, such as committing to staying focused for only short amounts of time, using flashcards, and studying early in the day rather than late in the evening.

3. Participate in Class

To take full advantage of your classes, it’s crucial to participate. You’ll see the most successful students sitting at the front and in the middle. They’re also the ones asking questions and contributing to discussions.

4. Sleep Enough

It’s impossible to be successful if you’re sleep deprived. The students who do best at university are the ones who have a set bedtime and arrive at their morning classes feeling well rested.

5. Active in Extracurriculars

Extracurriculars do more than just enrich your university experience — they also help you perform better academically. This is because they allow you to pursue your passions, maintain an active social life, and feel connected to your university. All these things improve your sense of wellbeing and enable you to focus better on your academics.

6. Talk to Their Professors Regularly

Successful students are unafraid to clarify concepts they didn’t understand with their professors. They also attend office hours for feedback and advice on how to tackle papers or exams. The added benefit of being in close contact with your professors is that you’ll build strong relationships that could be useful after you graduate.

7. Create a Weekly Schedule

At university, it’s up to you to ensure that you’re on track with your studies and don’t forget about classes, deadlines, or meetings. Writing down a weekly schedule will ensure you stick to a regular study plan and always arrive to your commitments on time.

8. Choose Their Classes Wisely

You may want to graduate as soon as possible, but filling your schedule to the brim will make it more difficult to do well in each of your classes. Successful students think carefully about what they can manage and balance difficult classes with easier electives. They also strive for variety in each semester to keep things interesting.

9. Form Study Groups

Studying in a group often helps you to improve your understanding of the material and retain more information. It’s the chance to hear explanations in a different way and explain concepts to others. However, successful students are picky about what study groups they belong to — they form groups with other students who are committed to working on the material and not people who will only use meetings as a chance to socialize.

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