9 Ways to Pass the Time When You’re Snowed In

A heavy snowfall can make it impossible for many students to reach campus, leading classes to be cancelled. There are plenty of ways to take full advantage of your snow day. What you choose will depend on whether you want to be productive or enjoy your time off.

1. Do Some Chores

When you’re snowed in, there’s no excuse to keep putting off your chores. You could do a couple loads of laundry, make a head start on your other chores for the week, or even tidy your bedroom. A snow day is a great time to sort through all your old papers and other items you’ve accumulated. If you listen to music or a podcast while cleaning, it could even be a pleasant task.

2. Play Outside

If it’s possible to get outside, playing in the snow is a top option. Connect with your inner child by making a snowman or having a snowball fight. Just make sure you wear plenty of layers — or you’ll soon feel uncomfortable and want to head back indoors.

3. Catch Up on Homework

You may find that, without classes, your mind is fresh and you’re able to focus on your homework. Your future self will thank you for making progress on your assignments — and the result will likely be better than if you leave them to the last minute.

4. Have a Movie Marathon

A relaxing way to spend a snow day is to watch movies. Invite friends over or use the chance to hang out with your roommates. Search the kitchen for snacks and fill the living room with blankets to make it extra cozy — there’s no need to even get dressed.

5. Decorate Your Apartment

Snow days that happen before the holidays give you the ideal opportunity to decorate your apartment. You may even be able to make your own decorations with things you already have at home.

6. Call Friends or Family

Being a busy student often means you go weeks just texting family members and friends. Now’s your chance to have a proper chat. For instance, you could call someone else who’s snowed in or on a lunch break. Even if you talk for only a few minutes, this is a great way to reconnect.

7. Take an Extended Nap

College can be exhausting, even if you put in your best effort to go to bed on time and avoid all-nighters. Use a snow day to catch up on some sleep and re-energize for the rest of the semester.

8. Read for Pleasure

When you’re at university, it’s common to struggle to find the time to read anything beyond the required materials. Being snowed in with no responsibilities is the perfect excuse to read whatever you want. Remind yourself that reading can be fun by picking something that quickly absorbs you.

9. Do Some Baking

Experiment with your creative side by baking some treats. Find a new recipe or use an old favourite that reminds you of home. If you share your creations with your roommates or friends, you’ll definitely be popular.

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