How to Establish Your Personal Brand During Your Job Search

sign that says you are your own brand

To stand out against other candidates in your job search, it’s important to focus on how you’re different. Your personal brand expresses your values, skills, and reputation in your field. Even before you graduate, you can start working on your personal brand. By doing so, you’ll pave the way to more opportunities, particularly with companies you want to work for and in positions that align with your goals.

1. Develop Your Online Presence

Make sure plenty of information about you comes up when an employer searches for you online. Demonstrate your skills and talent by uploading content to a website or blog, creating an online portfolio, and building a reputation — for instance, you could write guest articles for blogs in your industry, appear on podcasts, and create digital products to sell.

2. Set Up a LinkedIn Profile

One of the first places employers will look for you is LinkedIn. It’s crucial not just to have a profile but also to fill out all the fields. Here are a few things you should include:

  • Professional profile and cover photos
  • A succinct headline that expresses both what you’re currently doing and what kind of job you want after you graduate
  • A short bio summarizing your skills, achievements, and other information relevant to your personal brand
  • Your work experience
    Your education, including credentials you’ve gained outside university

3. Explore Other Platforms

Depending on your industry, other platforms may be just as useful as LinkedIn. For instance, Instagram is ideal for visual content, whereas YouTube and TikTok allow you to publish videos showcasing everything from projects you’re involved in to opinion pieces.

4. Interact with Thought Leaders

In addition to creating your own content, interact with the published content from other people in your field. This is a great way to show what’s important to you with little effort and to make others more likely to approach you. Leave comments on social media posts, interact on LinkedIn groups, and respond when someone leaves you a comment. Over time, you may find you develop real relationships with thought leaders, especially if you strive to have real conversations around topics that matter to you.

5. Gain More Skills

Your personal branding is an ongoing process that requires you to constantly improve and add to your skills. Sometimes, this will mean pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, such as by speaking at events, reaching out to people you don’t know for networking purposes, or developing digital skills in areas you find difficult.

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