How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

It always makes sense to go into the new year with big goals — but you should also avoid being too ambitious. Aim to make 2023 your best year yet by coming up with some attainable resolutions that relate both your academics and personal life.

1. Better Balance School and Your Personal Life

Many students find it difficult to strike the right balance between their studies and their other responsibilities. It can help to decide how much time you’d like to spend on each of your main activities and then mark out time on your calendar. This should ensure you devote enough hours each week for tasks like required readings and working on papers but still have plenty of time left for socializing, extracurriculars, and perhaps even a part-time job.

2. Apply for Internships

Start thinking ahead to the future and gaining the experience you’ll need for your career by applying to internships. Even going through the interview process will prepare you for the world of work. Whereas internships are a requirement for some majors, they’re beneficial to everyone, as they show you what it would be like to work in a particular field, help you develop useful skills, and increase your contacts.

3. Network

Another way to meet useful contacts is at networking events on campus. These offer great opportunities to gain valuable information, express your interest in particular companies, and explore your options. Make sure you set up a LinkedIn profile beforehand to be able to stay in touch with the people you meet.

4. Be Healthier

There are multiple things you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle. Pick something you find difficult, whether that’s exercising on a regular basis, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, or sleeping enough. Many of these things are connected — for instance, regular workouts can help you fall asleep faster and remind you to drink more water.

5. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination isn’t laziness. If you ever put off doing something you know you should start immediately in favour of a more enjoyable task, you’re procrastinating. It doesn’t matter if the task you do instead is also important — procrastination always causes problems eventually. Force yourself to be more disciplined and start working on projects early enough that you won’t run into problems.

6. Join or Form a Study Group

If you currently do all your studying on your own, change that this year by joining a study group. If none exist already, set up your own. Whereas study groups are no substitute for studying alone, they can be great for testing your knowledge, such as when you explain concepts to your peers or practice with flashcards.

7. Enjoy the Learning Process

It’s easy to become so focused on your grades that you forget to enjoy the learning experience. Although university can be stressful at times, you should be taking mostly classes you find interesting and relevant to your career goals. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and remind yourself of how you’ll use the knowledge in real-life situations after you graduate.

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