How to Pass the Time Between Classes

A group of young adults, seated at a bench

If you’re a college or university student, chances are you’re spending most of your day on campus and have plenty of free time in between your classes. Some on-campus days are super busy, while others are comparatively relaxed. As such, you likely have time to do some productive activities instead of just chasing the clock.

But what type of activities can you do to pass the time between classes? The good news is that there are several on-campus activities to choose from, whether it’s a quick workout or attending campus events.

Here are some activities you can do to pass the time between your classes:

Learn a Skill

Sure, you’re studying hard and waiting to start your career. But does that mean you don’t have to learn in-demand skills? The world has incredibly digitized, and there are many different skills you can learn online and build your resume even when you’re a student.

Consider learning in-demand skills like coding, graphic designing, social media marketing, email marketing, online teaching, and copywriting. There’re many free and paid courses and resources available on platforms like Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera. If you’re saving your money, you can even learn new skills through YouTube for free!

Plan Your Tasks For The Week

Whenever possible, it’s also good to plan your tasks for the week during the free time between your classes. For example, you might have 30 minutes off between classes. You can use that time to sort out and prioritize your activities for the entire week.

Besides your coursework, you could plan grocery visits, bill payments, walking the dog, doing exercise, and meeting with friends during your free time. The key here is to assign time to each task, so you don’t miss anything important.

Do Your Homework

This is by far the best use of the free time between your classes. Instead of scrolling through social media, get up and do your homework while you’re at school. By doing your homework on campus, you’ll have sufficient free time after school. No more skipping meetups with friends because you’re bogged down with assignments!

Roam Around the Campus

Physical activity improves our energy levels. But if you aren’t in the mood to hit the gym, roam around your campus. You can either track your footsteps or do it aimlessly, but walking is always a healthy activity.

Attend Campus Events

Most university and college campuses, including the University of Waterloo campus, are buzzing with events. Attending these events while waiting for your next class is a great way to pass the time, as you could wind up making friends or developing a new interest.

Events with fun activities are great for killing boredom and refreshing yourself. But if the campus events don’t interest you, you could always head over to your Waterloo off-campus housing to take a nap when you’re feeling tired.

Visit the Auditorium/Entertainment Center

Auditoriums are always fun, and you’ll love the content and atmosphere in the entertainment centre. Check online or on a campus billboard to see if there are any events taking place, then visit the auditorium to entertain yourself and have fun during the free time between your classes.

Go to the Campus Gym/Sports Club

What better way to pass your free time than to engage in healthy physical activities like workouts and sports? Physical activities not only keep your body in shape but are also good for your mind. In addition, exercises improve your focus and reduce stress, which can help you with your academic performance. The best part is that most universities in Waterloo have on-campus gyms and sports clubs.

Final Thoughts

University life can be draining, but you do get free time between classes. Study hard and spend the time between classes doing something you truly enjoy; it could be reading a book, walking, exercising, napping, watching fun videos, or writing a blog. No matter what you choose, try to spend your on-campus time wisely and make the most out of it!