Places to Do Schoolwork or WFH Assignments for a Change of Scenery

You’re likely to find that you can do much of your schoolwork during university remotely. Whereas this could mean from home, your bedroom is far from your only option. In fact, searching for new spots can give you a change of scenery to keep you motivated and help you meet new people. This is especially important if you have a large number of your work-from-home assignments or if some of your classes are online. Several places outside your apartment stand out as top options.

1. Coffee Shop

Your local coffee shop is a quiet place to work, but it also has activity, which some students find helps them concentrate. As well as the benefits of your favourite caffeinated drink and free WiFi, you may end up making friends with the baristas and regulars if you strike up a conversation.

2. Campus Library

If you prefer somewhere quiet, there are few better options than your campus library. You’ll be surrounded by other students, have access to resources and knowledgeable librarians, and be able use the WiFi. The only problem is you won’t be able to use this option for taking online classes if you may need to participate.

3. Public Library

An alternative to your campus library is the public library in your city. You’ll gain the same benefits as being at your campus library, but this allows you to mix things up. It’s an especially good option if you’re looking to go somewhere other than campus.

4. Your Favourite Restaurant

Give yourself a treat while you study by eating a leisurely meal at your favourite restaurant. If it’s not too crowded, the staff may be happy to let you stay for up to a few hours.

5. Study Spaces

Finding a dedicated study space is ideal for working on a group project or studying with classmates. As well as spaces on campus, your options include renting out a coworking space or finding out if anyone in the group lives in student housing with onsite study spaces.

6. Parks

Avoid spending all your time indoors by heading to a park. On a pleasant day, it can be motivating to sit out in the sun — you should find that you make good progress with your schoolwork. As you may not have WiFi in the park, this option is best for tasks that don’t require internet, such as if you’re able to work from books alone or you can open all the webpages you need beforehand. Alternatively, you could turn your phone into a mobile hotspot.

Of course, there will be times when you do want to study at home. For these occasions, you need somewhere comfortable where you can focus in peace. For UWaterloo off-campus housing, you have Preston House and Bridgeport House. Both offer fully-furnished suites as well as dedicated study spaces on site for the times you want a change of scenery but you’d rather not go far. Book a tour of the property of your choice today.